Common Plumbing Problems Which Arise While Entertaining


Whether it be a family get-together or a holiday celebration with friends, having additional people in your home increases the likelihood of experiencing plumbing emergencies.

Guests and Plumbing Emergencies

You probably spent hours cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking and performing many other tasks in anticipation of entertaining guests in your home. While checking off the many chores from your to-do list, you probably never gave a second thought about your plumbing. You might reduce the likelihood of suffering a nightmare situation by scheduling a visit from Las Vegas plumbing services to perform preventative maintenance before guests arrive. However, having people over for a night or an extended stay adds the chances a plumbing emergency might occur for many different reasons.


Having guests typically means plenty of food preparation. During this time, your sink also sees extra use. Foods are rinsed, hands are washed and debris travels down the drain. Food particles, grease, and soap scum combine to interfere with garbage disposal function and the drain in general. During their visit, guests might accidentally or unknowingly allow inappropriately large foodstuffs to make their way into your sink’s pipes. Water begins draining more slowly or not at all due to a blockage. The garbage disposal may grind or quit working.


Toilets clogging are a common occurrence when you have many guests. Children might attempt to flush anything from baby wipes or excessive toilet paper to toys. Instead of emptying properly, the water begins to back up each time someone pushes the handle. If not addressed promptly, the clog may cause the toilet to overflow all over your bathroom. Guests staying one or more nights more than likely desire to freshen up by taking a shower. The combination of increased water and hair going down the drain creates the perfect scenario for a clogged shower or tub drain. Similar problems may stop up bathroom sinks.

Laundry Room

Your laundry loads are likely to increase during or after entertaining guests. Visitors staying for multiple nights may want to do one or more loads of laundry before leaving. Extra food preparation may necessitate washing more dish cloths, dish towels, and tablecloths or linen napkins than usual. The excess lint extracted when your washing machine drains may indeed cause an unpleasant back up onto your laundry room floor.

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