How to Fix a Smelly Sink Drain

Have you ever turned on the water in your kitchen sink and noticed a strange smell? Something like rotten eggs? If it’s not actually your water – it may be your drains.

This may be caused by a variety of issues. There could be debris, or other build up that is producing a smell when it gets wet. There are a few quick and easy ways to address this issue.

Before addressing this issue, you want to make sure that it’s not the water itself that’s giving off this smell. If it is, then it’s probably sulfur. This can be caused by an unusually high level of a certain bacteria that convert sulfate to a chemical that gives of that rotten egg stench. If this is the case there are some DIY fixes, but you might have to call in a professional to make some adjustments to your water heater.

However, if it’s not the water itself, then it’s probably the drain. First – try pouring boiling water to remove any of this build up. This often does the trick for clogs as well, and is a great, non-toxic way to get a clean drain. 

If you have a disposal, try running ice cubes and/ or citrus peels through it. The ice cubes will scrape off any build up and the citrus peels will help sweep away a bit of it and leave a pleasant, clean smell. Just make sure you cut up the lemon or orange peels into small enough pieces before you do this – you don’t want to end up clogging the disposal or straining it. Try cutting them up to be an inch or so in length.

If you have an older sink, it may contain an overflow drain. This is where stagnant water could be collecting and giving off that gross smell when you run water through it and push up those gases. The solution to this problem is pouring foaming pipe snake down the overflow drain. This will remove any of the build up that is creating the unpleasant smell.  

Your sink may also be missing a P-trap. Installing this will provide a seal against those sewer gases you’re smelling. These gases accumulate in the drains and pipes and they get displaced by the water when you turn it on.

If you still can’t identify the problem, give us a call at 702-353-7335. We’ll be able to better diagnose the issue and install any necessary features that will prevent the issue.

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