Tips and Easy Fixes for Clogged Drains

Many homeowners know what it’s like to have that one particular bathtub or sink that seems to be clogged on a regular basis, more often than any other one inside the house. One might even joke about it and call it the temperamental one and just expect it to get backed-up from time to time. So many beautiful homes here in the Las Vegas area have gotten clogged drains and call us for drain cleaning when it’s too late and other damages have occurred.

If you have women in your house and they have long hair, then the biggest clogs you probably deal with are the hair clogs in the shower drain. We all shed up to 100 hairs per day and most of those are lost while bathing or brushing our hair. While we don’t recommend stopping these two tasks, because that won’t stop your hair from falling out either, we can recommend how to manage these clogged drains.

Have you found yourself standing in an inch or two of water in the shower? This also happens in your sink if you shave over it. It takes much longer for a sink clog to occur with simple shaving than it does for a shower, of course.

No one likes a clogged drain in his or her kitchen or bathroom. There’s nothing more dreadful for a man or woman than the thought of unclogging a drain.  Sometimes all you need is a little know-how, patience and a little elbow grease to get the job done quickly and without a fuss. There is no reason to be encumbered with slow drains or ones that are backed up completely. Try these simple solutions at home and prevent major damages from occurring.

Baking Soda Drain Cleaner
If water hasn’t backed up in your drain just yet, pour 1 cup of baking soda and then 3 cups of boiling water down the affected drain. The boiling water will change the chemical composition of the baking soda, making it more alkaline. Repeat a few times until the drain is clear.

Washing Soda Drain Cleaner
If the water isn’t going down the drain, pour a cup of washing soda (NOT the same as baking soda) over the drain and let it sit there for a while and work its way down the drain. Once the clog is loosened, use the baking soda method, above. Washing soda is more alkaline than baking soda, with a pH level of 11. You shouldn’t overuse washing soda if you have PVC pipes, as washing soda can damage the plastic.

The Bubbling Method Using Vinegar and Baking Soda 
We all learned in Elementary school that baking soda and vinegar react with each other to cause bubbles and fizzing. Sometimes that fizzing can unclog your drains. Follow the baking soda and boiling water formula, above, with 1 cup of vinegar now.

Enzyme Drain and Garbage Disposal Maintenance 
All natural enzyme drain cleaners will actually eat and break down all organic matter. Using enzyme drain cleaners once a month will help your drains and also your septic system. This can also significantly reduce odor from garbage disposals.

Washing Soda Maintenance 
Enzymes aren’t always as successful with on hair clogs, so to keep drains that tend to collect hair clear, we recommend you pour 1 cup of washing soda followed by a thorough flushing of water a few times a month.

But not all clogs, sinks, bathtubs, drains and pipes are the same in every home, so when it get’s really sticky or you just don’t have time, energy or patience to deal with it, WE DO! We work on your Las Vegas 24 hour schedule and are available for your plumbing emergencies!

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