High water bill?

20160816_123102A common mistake in plumbing is when you have a high water bill and you run out of hot water too fast. Replacing the hot water heater maybe a costly mistake. The best way to check your water heater is to run a faucet on the hot water side and keep it running. While your faucet is running, check out your water heater to see and listen for the burner to be on (it’s similar to the one on your stove). If your water heater kicks on then there is no need to replace your water heater.

Most likely it’s a hot water slab leak under the ground and it could drain your water heater. This will causes your hot water to run out quickly. In this case it’s a hot side slab leak and I recommend you calling DMS Plumbing so we can preform a leak detection test and save you money.

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