Keeping Your Plumbing System Safe From and for Your Pets


Pet owners need to take extra care with their plumbing system. Pets can create new plumbing problems if precautions aren’t taken.

Your Pet and Your Plumbing: Plumbing Advice for Pet Owners

When you own pets, you have to keep a close eye on your plumbing system. Pets can cause a lot of issues for your plumbing system if you are not careful. Pet hair can clog drains, and flushing pet-related items, such as litter, can do your plumbing system a lot of damage. Here are a few tips for maintaining your plumbing system when you have pets.

Keep Your Drains Covered and Take Care With Your Toilets

Every drain your pets can possibly have access to needs a screen, stopper, strainer or another device. There are multiple reasons for this. It can help to keep smaller pets from becoming stuck. It can also keep pet hair and oils from going down into the drain. You should also try to limit how often you wash your pets indoors. Also, make sure you leave water out for your pet to keep it from trying to climb into sinks or the toilet for water. When it comes to toilets, make sure you do not flush your litter or any pet waste.

Do Not Leave Any Pipes Exposed, Inside or Outside

Your pets will almost certainly find any exposed pipes. They will attempt to chew them, scratch them or figure out some way to damage them. Make sure you cover up exposed pipes, wrap them or hide them in other ways. In addition, watch your pet when outside. If your pet enjoys digging around outside, they can come into contact with some of your plumbing lines. If you have any exposed pipes outside, then cover them up.

Keep Up With Regular Plumbing Maintenance

It is not all about your pets, though; you have to make sure you do your part for your plumbing system as well. The steps you take to mitigate the impact your pet will have on your plumbing may just help you mitigate the impact from you and your household as well. Las Vegas plumbers must often deal with issues that stem from misuse of a home’s plumbing system. If you already have bad plumbing habits, then pet ownership will only make the situation worse. Make sure you pay attention to both your pet’s effects on your plumbing system as well as your own.

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