Las Vegas Drain Clearing

DMS Plumbing is your Las Vegas drain clearing solution! If you have a slow or clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom, a plugged up toilet or something more serious such as a clogged sanitary line between your house and the city sanitary sewer, we can unclog your pipes so you use your water services freely again.

You can prevent most pipe and drain clogs around your home.

Top 10 Drain Clogging Items:

  • HAIR – Tubs and shower drains normally get clogged because of an accumulation of hair, from you and your pets if you wash them in the sink or tub. You can buy a simple drain strainer from your local hardware store that will catch most of the hair before it enters the drain.
  • GREASE – You would be amazed at the number of people that think it is ok to dump frying pan drippings down the drain. Sure, it is liquid when it’s in a hot pan but once it cools, it becomes solid and attaches itself to the walls of your pipes. Eventually the build up restricts the flow.
  • FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS – No need to go into detail here but ladies, please put your hygiene products in the trash.
  • TOO MUCH TP – Too much toilet paper or using the wrong kind of toilet paper or using paper towels can clog a drain quickly.
  • FOOD – A common misconception is that garbage disposals and dishwashers can handle chunks of food. Although they may appear to handle them with ease, you are slowly clogging your pipes.
  • KIDS – Young children are amazed at watching toys and clothing go down the spiraling water of the toilet. Are you missing anything?
  • ROOTS – Roots from trees and bushes can find a small crack in a sanitary line and turn it into a large problem. The roots seek out water, enter your drain and grow. Toilet paper catches and accumulates and plugs your drain.
  • WASHER LINT – Do you think lint only happens in the dryer? Your clothes and especially your towels slowly deteriorate each time you wash them. This lint goes down the drain. You can prevent this by attaching an old nylon to the end of the washer drain. Make sure it is secure and emptied frequently. Hardware store also sell mesh socks for this.
  • DAMAGED or DETERIORATED PIPES – Age and climate conditions can take its toll on pipes. Although most pipe will last decades, some will succumb to the elements.
  • HARD WATER – Mineral deposits from hard water can, over time, build up enough to restrict the flow in your pipes causing them to drain slowly.
  • There are also products you can purchase from your local plumber or hardware store that are designed for special issues and if used regularly, you can avoid some drain clogging issues.

Enzymes used on a regular basis can reduce soap scum, grease and mineral deposit build up.
There are products designed especially to prevent roots from growing or building up within your pipes.
Septic tanks require regular maintenance. Don’t neglect your septic system.

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