Las Vegas Flush Valve Repair & Replacement

Las Vegas Flush Valve RepairDMS Plumbing offers Las Vegas flush valve maintenance, repair, and installation for urinals and toilets in commercial buildings and facilities throughout the metro area. We can swap out your old manual, hand operated flush valves with new hands free automatic Sloan Flush Valves (Sloan Flushometers). No job too big or small. Please contact us for a quote.

Commercial Urinals

Commercial Toilets

Commercial Urinal Flush Valves

Commercial Toilet Flush Valves

Why should you switch from hand operated flush valves to automatic flush valves?Sloan Hand Flush Valves

  1. Sanitation – No hands means that it is more sanitary for your customers, guests and employees.

  2. Efficiency – Sloan automatic flush valves are more efficient and less likely to stick open like a hand operated flush valve.

  3. Durability – Hand operated flush valves mounted on toilets are most often flushed by people using their foot. That is a lot of extra pressure being applied to the flush valve each time a person uses their foot. The valve eventually sticks or the entire assembly becomes offset from its original position. An automatic sensor activated Sloan Flushometer eliminates this problem.

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