Las Vegas Hot Water Heater Repair, Installation and Replacement

Las Vegas Hot Water Heater RepairWe provide FREE estimates on Las Vegas hot water heater repair and replacement services.

If you are new to the Las Vegas area, you will soon find out that the hard water and high mineral content in the area take their toll on hot water tanks. The average life of a hot water tank in the Las Vegas and Henderson area is about 6 to 10 years depending on usage and maintenance.  Hot water tank life can also decrease if you use a salt based water softener that runs through the hot water tank.

DMS Plumbing can also perform scheduled maintenance on your hot water heater such as replace the anode rod and flushing the tank. Due to the water quality throughout Las Vegas, we recommend you flush your tank every six months and replace the anode rod annually.

Extend the Life of Your Hot Water Heater

  • Flushing your water heater every six months or so will add to the life of your water heater.
  • Changing the anode (sacrifice) rod in your water heater each year is arguably one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your water heater. But be careful, getting your old anode rod out of the heater is not as easy as you may think, the manufacturer really socks them in tight.

Hot Water Heaters – Gas vs Electric

  • A glass-lined electric water heater is actually lined with porcelain glass. Never buy a dented or used water heater, the glass lining may be cracked, leaving the bare metal exposed to the water. Remember that the metal tank of a water heater is only about 1/32″ thick and is only cold steel, not even galvanized.
  • An electric water heater will cost about three to four times as much to heat water as a gas water heater.
  • A typical electric water heater will heat only 16 gallons of water per hour. A typical shower can use up to 12 or 14 gallons of hot water (teenagers will use more of course). And one load of laundry using hot water will easily use 12 to 18 gallons of water. As you can see, a 40-gallon electric water heater won’t last long supplying the need of a normal family.
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