Las Vegas Vacuum Breaker Repair

At DMS Plumbing, we provide Las Vegas Vacuum Breaker Repair services throughout the Las Vegas valley.

  • Commercial Flush Valve Vacuum Breakers – The flush valves for commercial toilets and urinals have rubber vacuum breakers that need replaced occasionally. DMS Plumbing replaces vacuum breakers, repairs flush valves and replaces them as well.

  • Exterior Vacuum Breakers – Most homes in the Las Vegas valley that have irrigation systems have vacuum breakers installed on the exterior of the home (see pic below).  Vacuum breakers are installed on potable water lines to protect against reverse or back siphonage of contaminated water into the potable water supply which is used for irrigation and is separate from the drinking water in your home.

    Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas can get cold. The temperature can drop below freezing during the winter months, especially in the higher elevations in neighborhoods like Summerlin, Siena and Mountains Edge. When water freezes, it expands. That expansion causes pipes to break and residential vacuum breakers that were not properly winterized (wrapped or covered), are very susceptible to damage.

    Usually the water in the valve freezes and expand causing the brass bonnet to warp or crack. When the bonnet warps, it causes the screw span to spread cracking the black canopy. If you see water dripping from your vacuum breaker or if the black canopy is visibly distorted or cracked, please contact DMS.

Commercial Vacuum Breaker

Residential Vacuum Breaker

Commercial Vacuum Breaker Repair

Residential Vacuum Breaker Repair

Distorted Canopy

Winterized Plumbing

Distorted Vacuum Breaker Canopy

Winterized Plumbing Las Vegas

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