Roots in your sewer line

Roots in sewer lineImagine if you flushed your toilet and all the content just back flowed out of the toilet and onto your bathroom floor? Well, the common culprit is tree roots in your sewer line. Depending on where you live, this may not happen too often, but if you do have a lot of tree bordering your house or neighborhood, we do recommend the following maintenance tip:

Tip: Introduce Copper Sulfate into your sewer system. This helps prevent minor root problem from becoming a major issue.

If it’s a major issue however, you may want to call a professional to help assist in rectifying the issue.

Here at DMS Plumbing, we encountered a similar problem with a client and we are proud to say, we were able to help our client out with flying colors. If you encounter such a problem, make sure to call: 702-353-7335

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