Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair – Las Vegas Plumbing Services

Sewer pipe problems most often arise from the roots of trees, especially in older houses. There are three different types of sewer repair:

Pipe Lining is the newest innovation in sewer repair technology. This is a good choice when the problem is under an area that difficult to dig, like concrete. It works by creating a new pipe on the inside the old pipe, so that you’re not digging new trenches.

Pipe Bursting is good for when the existing pipe is too deteriorated to go with the first pipe lining option. Replaces your old damaged pipes by winching through a device that breaks up the old pipe while pulling a new pipe in behind it. No major digging is required.

Excavation is good for when the sewer problem is easily accessed. It involves a more traditional dig and repair method.

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