The Most Common Holiday Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them

Plumbing problems may seem to occur more often during the holidays because guests present an increase on the load of the plumbing system. Taking preventive actions can help to prevent some of the most common holiday plumbing problems.

How to Avoid the Three Most Common Holiday Plumbing Mishaps

While preparing for guests to stay in your home during the holidays, you likely stocked the refrigerator, put out fresh linens and brought in some extra chairs for the dining room table. Another important action is to have an experienced Las Vegas plumbing services company do a preventive maintenance service on your plumbing system. Extra guests increase the workload of your bathroom and kitchen plumbing, which could result in a big plumbing problem at the most inopportune time.

Clogged Sinks

Extra people lead to extra food and cooking. During the food preparations, your kitchen sink will get lots of extra use. From rinsing off the poultry before cooking it to all the extra hand and dish washing, your kitchen sink will see plenty of activity. Soap scum, grease and stringy bits of foods can all clog up the trash disposer and kitchen drain. Guests who mistakenly put leftover food or undesirable items like turkey bones down the sink may also cause drain problems. Use a trap cover for your kitchen sink and do a baking soda and vinegar treatment to clear the pipes. Your plumber can also do a preventive drain cleaning.

Clogged Toilets

A clog in the toilet is another common problem during the holidays. Children may accidentally put baby wipes, paper towels or tissues into the toilet, or they may use too much toilet paper. Place a toilet plunger in the guest bathroom, and put a small trashcan next to the toilet for used paper products. Advise guests that only waste should go down the toilet.

Backed Up Showers

Extra overnight guests will need to shower in your home. Showers use a considerable amount of water, and multiple guests showering in sequence could cause your drain to back up. Ask guests to spread showers 30 minutes apart to ease the burden on your plumbing.

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