The Types of Damage That Can Happen When You have a Burst Water Pipe


A burst pipe in your home can lead to water that leaks within your walls, floors and ceilings. This type of plumbing emergency can result in serious structural damage if it is not repaired as quickly as possible.

Three Types of Hidden Damage From a Burst Pipe

A burst water pipe in your home quickly leads to a flood. In addition to the water damage that you can see, there may also be hidden damage that is not as obvious. When you experience a pipe that has burst, it is critical to call a service that provides emergency plumbing in Las Vegas in order to stop the flow of water and repair the damage as quickly as possible.

Rotted Structural Materials

Water flowing out of a burst pipe often leaks into the walls before it comes through the saturated materials and into your home’s living spaces. The water that you do not see during a plumbing emergency can cause major structural issues such as rotting of the sub-floors and wooden support beams. The steel brackets that hold beams into place can rust. Drywall, plaster and lathe may also rot.

Damaged Wiring and Insulation

Water leaking from a pipe within your wall may also damage wiring. Wiring that is wet may experience a short circuit, which could result in a fire. A water leak may also saturate insulation. Fiberglass, cellulose and loose fill insulation can become saturated after a leak and lose effectiveness. Entire walls may need to be ripped out and the wiring and insulation replaced after a pipe has burst.

Mold Growth

After a leak from a pipe, you may spend a considerable amount of effort trying to dry out your home’s living spaces and removing the materials that were saturated with water. Even if you remove all of the carpet and padding, mold can still grow inside of your walls, air ducts and in the sub-floor. Each time your heating or air-conditioning system cycles, some of the mold spores will be released into the air that you breathe. Mold exposure may trigger allergy and asthma attacks. Mold remediation may be needed.

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