What to Do If Your Toilet Tank or Bowl Suddenly Develops a Big Crack


Although toilets usually last for a long time, they can suddenly crack, which can be an emergency due to the water and the contents of the toilet bowl. Understanding why a toilet cracks can help you to anticipate the problem and arrange for repairs if it does happen.

Three Reasons Why Your Toilet Tank or Bowl Cracks

Toilets are made from durable materials that are designed to last for decades of “regular” use. On rare occasions, a toilet tank or bowl could crack. If this happens, it is important to arrange for emergency plumbing in Las Vegas. The leaking water could cause damage to the floors, walls and ceilings and the toilet itself will need to be replaced. These are the top three reasons why a toilet’s tank or bowl could crack.


The age of a toilet is the most common reason for a crack to develop. Older toilets were made of an amalgam of materials that included cement. Over time, the mortar of the cement degrades, causing shrinkage. This leaves deep cracks. Over time, the cracks can grow in width and depth. Eventually, the crack can go all the way through the tank or bowl, resulting in a completely broken toilet.

Extreme Temperatures

A sudden change in temperature can also cause a toilet to crack. Pouring very hot water into the toilet’s tank could shock the material, causing it to crack. If the water in the bowl or tank freezes, this could also cause cracking of the toilet as well as any connected pipes.


The impact of an item hitting the toilet could cause it to crack. Although the porcelain and ceramic materials of a toilet are strong, they do not perform well when they experience a sudden force. Dropping a hair dryer or a heavy cosmetics case onto the toilet could cause cracking. If a person slips on a wet bathroom floor and falls onto the toilet, this could also result in cracking. In most cases, it is best to replace a cracked toilet right away. Even a small amount of leaking water could cause major damage.

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